Lol bearboy69 you’re a terrible liar


J. Huang wearing the OCxMASSIVEShinjuku" Tee with an Occulus Rift, and two of our favorite Davids: David Chang and David Choe! So future. 

Get. Inside. Me.

David Chang looks like the type to have massive big thighs.

deadly combo

TMI Tuesdays! I’m bored.


Anonymous asked:

I have a question.. more than that.. I have seen how little pup have been growing all this time. My question is how you do it? Damn you really train awesome your pups!!! I swear I’m your fan!! I have another question or petition. May I be your pup for at least a month, don’t get me wrong I’m so amazed how you train them and make them grow I wish you can get me bigger…




I suppose thats my signature, eh?  I train pups into…bulls?

But, I’m afraid I have to refuse this sincere offer.  You don’t submit to someone for a month like its some fad workout or diet.  These results—these body transformations—show a level of commitment and submission beyond a casual one-month-stand.  Their progress is a reflection of their devotion.

My pups (big pup and lil pup) push themselves to be bigger and better as part of their service.  They want to be the absolute best they can be for their Master.  The same goes for Chuck pup and tank pup, they’re grooming themselves to be the best and biggest they can be.

Nobody wants a lazy pup.  You should have the initiative to push yourself to be the best you can be, and you’ll attract a Master who will help you get there.

Recommended reading: how do you become a good sub?

uh holy shit.